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Our mission is to change the world one box (of rocks) at a time.

5 Core Values

Disruption - Never stop disrupting. The moment you do, you've been disrupted. If at all possible, disrupt yourself. 

Design Good - We must design good. When we do, we inspire with good design. 

11x - Every single thing we do must be 11x better than the competition. If it isn't, there is no point in doing it. 

Fun Within Reason - We try to have a fun workplace that also repsects the fact that Chris may scream at employees occasionally in order to get the best out of them.

Transparency - Everything must be clear. Literally. The dish soap in the kitchen should be clear. Report covers-clear. Pepsi Clear. 

Respect - The worker deserves respect. Most importantly, employees should respect the fact that if Chris berates you in front of colleagues that is actually a sign of respect because he cares enough to acknowledge you. 

rock-E the Mascot

Click here to get to know rock-E the Mascot. We are proud of how far he's come. 


Chris Duggan - Founder / CEO
Chris began coding at the age of 4. Clearly giften beyond is peers, he dropped out of elementary school, middle school, high school and finished no more than one year at Harvard State. He parlayed that early affinitiy for computers to a Baked Scholarship to Kal Tech, a technical program run by Kal Penn from the White Castle movies and the White House real job. As is required of all genius rockstar tech luminaries, Chris dropped out of Kal Tech to start his first company, Viddy Vids - a digital media company that produced instructional videos to teach the elderly how to watch videos on the internet. Unfortunately users could never figure out how to watch the instructional videos themselves, and Chris closed the business within 6 months of starting. His next venture, Pet Text, was another failure/"big learning experience". Pet Text enabled pet owners to send text messages to their pets. Unfortunately pets can't read so nobody used the service.


Egon Musk - CEO of Tan Tots, America's first tanning salon for babies, toddlers and very young children. 

Dan Cortese - of MTV's Rock'N'Jock fame and VIP at NYC's hottest nightclubs.

This guy Randy that Chris met in the smoking lounge at Newark airport who is friends with a guy that literally owns two pairs of mint condition Jordans.


Union Rhombus Ventures
Appleseed Horoscope
B-Grade Investments, a Bruce Willis Investment Company
Chris' uncle Rick