Wednesday, May 20, 2015 (New York, NY): Box of Rocks today announced the launch of a revolutionary service that will enable users to subscribe to a monthly shipment of a box of rocks. Early customers may also make a one-time purchase of a box of rocks for themselves or as a gift for someone else.

"When I decided to start a company, it was all about taking on the big challenges of the day. I looked at my own frustrations and realized I had to solve my own problem – I had no way of getting a monthly subscription of a box of rocks, so I decided to just do it myself," said Chris Duggan, Founder, CEO & President of Box of Rocks.

While tech giants such as Amazon, Google, Apple and Fuddruckers may dominate for now, Box of Rocks is hoping its pending patent pending technologies will prove to be more than disruptive. According to Duggan, the secret lies in Box of Rocks' "full-stack agile technologies that we believe can 10x the competition by orders of magnitude."

Expanding on that vision, Duggan explained why the 'unicorn rumors' surrounding Box of Rocks may be well founded; "This is a space that has suffered from seemingly insurmountable friction. We're all familiar with boxes, and we've all seen rocks, but nobody believed the state of the art had reached a point where we could use technology to bring them together." Duggan wasn't the only one that saw the potential of this vision.

Wilson, a partner at Union Rhombus Ventures, marveled at Duggan's drive to take on a cause that Wilson himself felt was "something we might be ready to tackle in 10-15 years". Wilson shared that "When Chris showed me his initial prototype, I was floored. Everything from the rocks to the box – it wasn't ready for primetime, but I knew he was on to something." Wilson agreed to syndicate a seed round of $170 and a meatball sub sandwich along with his peers at Appleseed Horoscope and B-Grade Investments, Bruce Willis' angel fund. Two and a half years later, Box of Rocks is ready for the spotlight.

Duggan is hoping the third time is the charm. A serial entrepreneur, he parlayed lessons learned from two previous failures, including Viddy Vids, a digital media company offering online videos to teach the elderly how to watch online videos, and Pet Text, which enabled owners to send SMS messages to their pets. "They say failure is a key component to success. If that's the case I expect be a billionaire within a few weeks," Duggan shared.

The platform is available to users in 17 countries globally including most of North America, Europe and Australia, not including Finland.


About Box of Rocks: Box of Rocks is the world's premier destination for subscribing to a monthly shipment of a box of rocks. Users can leverage the elegant platform to seamlessly arrange for rocks to arrive at their home or office, every month, in a box. The beta "Bronze" package and one-time gift box are available at