As soon as I subscribed I started receiving anti-Finland propaganda. Look - I hate Finland as much as the next gal, but this was too much.

Jenny, Pyongyang

Hi - I'm responding to the fax request for testimonials. Just to clarify - if I provide a testimonial will you buy me a 6" or 12" meatball sub?

Tim, Eau Claire

If I had to choose between listening to Duncan Sheik's 1996 song "Barely Breathing" on repeat with no sleep for 4 days or keeping my Box of Rocks subscription, the song wins in a landslide.

Renee, Sacramento

I started using P90X as a way to lose some post-baby fat, and it has been incredible. I've lost over 40 pounds and I feel better and younger than ever. Thanks P90X!

Joan, Seattle

I think someone subscribed me to Box of Rocks as a joke. NOT funny.

Juanita, Minneapolis

I don't know why I subscribed. I can't seem to cancel my subscription and I definitely don't need a monthly shipments of rocks, let alone any rocks.

Barry, Caracas

You want a testimonial? Here's my testimonial - go f*@k yourself.

Joe, Shanghai

BoxofRocks is a life saver! If I didn't get a monthly shipment of random, useless rocks I'd probably get very, very sad.

Margaret, Dubai

Why would anyone even need rocks?

Phil, Boise

I submitted my order, then 6 weeks later I received a smashed-up box with four rocks and menu from a Chinese restaurant. Not impressed.

Randy, Akron

I used boxofrocks.com. It was ok, I guess.

Claire, Buffalo